Coming Early next year 2024

Empowers families to be fearless in your baby's food

Its time for baby to learn their independence through food, the messy and fun chaos. We make it easy to feed baby real food within a system that will keep food allergies away.

1 in 13 Babies

develop a food allergy

Only 31% parents

are willing to introduce peanut to their baby

84% reduction

of peanut allergy shown in LEAP clinial trial

Our approach

Everything you wanted to know about bitebrave

bitebrave empowers families to be fearless in their food allergen introduction journey.
We are by your side providing bite sized science within a regimented system to educate and show you step by step how to prevent food allergies in your baby.

Frequent Dietitian Touchpoints

Dietitians are here by your side with education and assistance during the journey.

Systemized Process

Within a system that is easy to follow and easy to remember (the most important part of it all).

Systemized Process

Within a system that is easy to follow and easy to remember (the most important part of it all)

Spoon-fed Bite sized Science

Science simplified so it finally is easy to understand – it doesn’t need to be so complicated or scary.

What we will offer

Introducing bitebrave, the first of its kind platform that provides family centric collaborative care when it comes time to feed baby foods.

Be empowered with ways to help your baby become their little independent messy selves! Let bitebrave empower you with the information and the system to stay boldened to find the way to prevent food allergies. We are a team of dietitians, allergists, and parents who have been there.

Client's experience

Your Smile is our biggest rewards

I loved the fact that bitebrave was so easy, it showed me what to expect and how I can prevent food allergies and start some great practices for a healthy growing baby. Also the support, if I had any questions with anything about food allergies was always available. Even when I thought it was a dumb question, it wasn't.

So many moms out there that don't know where to turn for support. bitebrave is great for first time parents if you want to learn about keeping food allergies away.It gives them a little more of a guide and just an extra helping hand. Then after that everyone should use for the first year of the baby's life as it is so important.

Linda Mom of 3 kids